Red ride week?

Some interesting facts might lift your mood.

1. First Calenders created by menstruations.

Yes there where matriarchy times. According to "How Menstruation Created the World" by Judy Grahn, our periods may have led to humanity's sense of time since, ages ago, most lunar calendars were actually based on our menstrual cycle's length.

Who runs the world? :)

2. Menstrual Blood and Healing Myths

Throughout the ages, menstrual blood was thought to be a potent remedy for a variety of ailments like epilepsy, hemorrhoids, goiter, warts, gout or common headaches. Exaggerated reports also claimed that it could ward off demons, and, in medieval times, people believed that the first napkin worn by a virgin at her first period could cure the plague.

Not so bad...

3. Menstruation and Impaired Education

In the early 20th century many myths still existed about menstruation, some of them downright ridiculous. One of them was that young ladies looking to attend college should be dissuaded because increased blood stimulation in the brain would allegedly cause permanent damage to the uterus.

Yeah right..

4. The Majority Of Chinese Women Didn't Even Know about Periods before they started

A really terrifying fact that the survey found was that 88 percent of Chinese women felt "scared or surprised" when their first period arrived and 91 percent felt "moderately or very surprised and scared" when they got their period. What this means is that no one gave them a heads up that they were going to start bleeding at some point. Scary.

5. Women In All Countries Aren't Prepared For Getting Their Period

Chinese women aren't the only ones who are left in the dark in regards to their period. The survey found that 43 percent of women in India, 27 percent in the UK, 19 percent in the United States aren't adequately prepared about the fact that they would eventually be getting a period and how they should handle it. This lack of preparation results in 45 percent of Indian women, 34 percent of Chinese women, and 17 percent of American women feeling "very" scared when they first learned about their period.

6. Period euphemisms are everywhere

In a survey by period-tracking app Clue, researchers polled over 90,000 women from 190 countries and found that more than half of women use some sort of slang or euphemism when talking about their periods.

You’re heard the common ones like ‘shark week’ and ‘crimson wave’, but the French actually have a phrase where they refer to periods as VOO – Vaginally Out of Order.

7. Men have fluctuating hormonal changes similar to women's monthly cycle that can cause anxiety, frustration and other emotional behavior.

We are not alone! :)

8. Sport helps

Exercise and being physically active actually helps during periods as when you exercise your body releases a chemical called serotonin also called as feel - good hormone. Known fact, that water eases cramps, so light swimming or just floating will make a day much nicer.